“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

That’s why I’m working constantly on this website. Hope you’ll like what you’ll see!

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I’ve had the passion for event planning and PR since I was a kid, when I used (I’m not joking) to organize real concerts for parents with my friends.

This passion has never left me, reason why I’ve decided to study communication and to work in this field. Today I’m a Press Office and Social Media Strategist with sturdy communication skills and experience, with great flair for new trends.

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As a Social Media Strategist I daily dedicate my time to different activities, including crafting actual posts, creating website contents, designing new projects, analyzing metrics, training and managing the digital team, working with other agencies and managing a budget.


Soon will be online the portfolio with all the projects!
If you want to read my CV click here!

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